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Tribute to Alan Rickman (1946-2016)

To the most talented actor, my favorite Potions Professor and a true hero

I really dont know how a Snape fangirl like myself is supposed to deal with these news. It's like my brain doesn't function right now...

Since I grew up with Harry Potter, these news feel extremely devastating. I decided to write this letter in order to thank Rickman for being the best Severus Snape there could have been. It's clear to me that he was born to play that part, and I'm sure he's the reason why I grew to really love that character so much in the books and in the movies and why I keep going back to Hogwarts again and again by writing fanfiction.

It was always a great pleasure to watch him play Snape, and I'm sure even years can't change the fact he's always going to make me sigh, feel scared or crack me up - possibly all these things at the same time - whenever I watch him play Severus Snape. Also, I'll never forget the way he made me feel by playing Colonel Brandon in the movie "Sense and Sensibility".

However, it seems to me now that these are not real goodbyes. Maybe it's because Harry Potter taught me that the ones we love and care about never really leave us, and at a time like this I'm so glad I learned that. Mr. Rickman keeps on living through his incredible work and in the hearts of everyone whom he influenced, and I can say he really did influence me.

Alan, it's been a pleasure watching you on the screen. May your soul rest in peace. I'll remember you. Always. <3


 PS. Since this post would have been a bit too depressing otherwise, I decided to add a link to one of my favorite scenes with Alan as Professor Snape. I can't really understand how he manages to keep a straight face in this scene, especially after that "Thank you Mr. Malfoy" line, which makes me laugh everytime... Now let's everyone turn the page three-hundred-and-ninety-four (can't count how many times I've been trying to imitate him saying that line with friends and laughed, when I failed) and enjoy the reason he was so magnetic on the screen. His passion. And that voice...

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